Asgard Ascension

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My name is Gavin, and I am the owner of Asgard Ascension.

I will be covering a question that was asked a while back, and will now be fully answered.
Skyblock has been a gamemode that was contemplated and discussed throughout the community and staff team. We plan on making a Skyblock version to fit the Asgardian theme, as well as keep our famous prison. We will also be having official Youtubers on the server now, recording and growing it as big as it can get.
Skyblock will indeed be apart of Asgard, and our production has started.
Any further updates, screenshots, or teasers that come out, I will inform all of you about.

Thank you,
The Summer Build Competition results are in!

The Staff would like to thank everyone who participated in our little community event. You all did a wonderful job and as a result much deliberation went into the choices made by our judges. So, getting on with it.. -drum roll-

1st Place - BurnedFire
2nd Place - HongKong_
3rd Place - DrunkWhale

Congratulations to all the winners! Staff will be in contact with you about your prizes.
Asgard Ascension's 4.0 Release Updates!

Hello, Fellow Asgardians!

▶ New Owners & Youtuber
As many of you know, we have a new owner, GavinDuxbury, and a new media owner, EmmaPlaysYT. Emma is our youtube owner and will be making videos on the server. Currently, she has over 29K subs and over 700K views!

▶ Update: New Limited Edition Rank - Sol
We have a Limited Edition rank which will be available to purchase for the next 12 days (See countdown on the store page). This rank includes almost all of the God rank perms (Not Included: God Kit & Realms: Vanaheim, Asgard), plus some exclusive additions!
Excussive Access to the Sol Mine (/warp sol): Diamond Blocks & Obsidian
Excussive Access to Sun of Sol: A God Enchant that gives you a power from the Sun God, of raining fire on your enemies.
Exclusive Sol Kit: (/kit Sol)
Armor: Protection 29, Unbreaking 29, Molten 2
Sword: Sharp 29, Unb 29, Fire 10, Confusion 1
Axe: Sharp 29, Unb 29, Fire 10, Eff 29
Bow: Power 5, Punch 5, Flame, Infinity & Sol Arrow
Pickaxe, Shovel: Unb 29, Eff 29
20 Gapples
64 Obsidian​
Excussive Access to a daily Sol Crate!
Hold them in your hand and right click to open them.
In additon you will recieve 10 God Tokens and $1,000,000 in in-game money!​

▶ Update: Helheim Underworld, Challenges & Bosses
We have added an underworld, Helheim. In order to enter Helheim, you have to go through the portal that lies under the Yggdrasil tree at spawn (/warp helheim).
Inside the icy underworld, you will find the Goddess Hela. If you speak with Hela, you will find 3 levels of challenges (15 total): Easy, Advanced, and Master. Complete each challenge for a reward chest. Some items come with special abilities!
In Master challenges, you will find hard to defeat Bosses. Beware, you will need to come armed, but be prepared to lose everything should you fail.
The Bosses and all right-click crates were created by our very own, gsun101.

▶ Updates: Smaller Updates
Since the path to Helheim is now located where the crates used to reside, you may be wondering where the crates are now. They are located just to the right of the Yggdrasil tree after you cross the first bridge in the spawn. This is where the Enchant tables use to be located. Enchant tables and anvils can now be found in the Clairvoyance building.

New uses for God Tokens have now been added. These are God Enchants! These enchants are permanent effects that can be toggled on or off. Use /ge to see what God Enchants are available!

We are also bringing back the much asked for MCMMO! This does mean 1.9+ pvp mechanics. In addition to grinding out levels, you will be able to purchase levels from the store.

▶ Updates Still To Come!
That is not all! We also have Realms that will be replacing the old cosmetic prestige rewards. These realms will be themed and a place where you can gain resources. Not only that but Quests will be making a return very soon!

Just over 5 hours left!
Who is ready for today's release? 5pm EST!
Server is finally released!

After weeks of hard work, we are proud to present to you Asgard Ascension 4.0, packed with new features!

As promised, we have fully reset everybody's progress so to ensure a fair start in AA4.0. Plot flag packages and donor ranks are the only data kept.

New maps
I hope everyone is loving the new Spawn and mines! We've spent quite some time on revamping spawn and setting up everything to ensure that it's much better than the old one. Of course, we've kept Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life and the icon of Asgard Ascension, at the center of Spawn.

Custom enchants
Custom enchants are here! Head over to the enchantment hut to find Clairvoyance, which will let you upgrade your tools and armor with special enchantments, such as Ground Slam, Explosive, Jackhammer and more.

To enchant your item, you will need to use a currency called Essense. These can be earned via Reaction, mining, crates and our webstore. As you gather enough Essense, simply talk to Clairvoyance and select your desired enchant to be put on the item.

We have also released our own Tribes plugin! This allows you to form a guild, invite your friends, and conquer Asgard together. Tribes offer a rankup system that allows more players to join your tribe, and special tribe members only skills that can be activated with the use of the Tribe Sword.

We have events related to Tribes planned in the near future, so stay tuned! For now, start building your tribe with /tribe create.

Welcome back!

FAKExPOWER is returning to Asgard Ascension as an Admin!

Santa's Delivery
As Christmas approaches, we have prepared some celebrations as well, which will be rolled out over the course of a few days! We have a limited-edition Christmas bundle coming up first together with an insane 80% off Christmas sale, which can be purchased in the webstore. Grab one now!

The Asgardian Advent Calender
Another one of our Christmas themed events we would like to announce is our own advent calender!

What is this sacred advent calender? Well it's basically a way for us to give you free rewards just by logging on every day for the next week! Even though we have missed the majority of December due to delays in releasing Asgard 4.0, we are going to be increasing the rewards of the advent calender each day dramatically, so it is worth to claim each day's reward.

You can access the advent calender by typing "/warp Advent" in game. You will then be teleported to a magical area where you will be met with a sign. If you click the sign you will be given jump boost, now this is what I call the fun part, you must then attempt to jump into the specific days advent door! It's as easy as cutting cake!

As we've just released, there may be bugs that we could not find and fix in the development period. If you happen to encounter one, please report them to our staff members or post a bug report on forums! Also, suggestions are always welcomed, so do voice your opinions on Discord or on forums in the Suggestions and #suggestions section respectively!

Also, feel free to ask our staff members anything if you need help, they are more than happy to assist you.

So, there's nothing left for me to say here except I'm glad you're all enjoying the release of Asgard 4.0. Happy ascending!

Greetings, fellow Asgardians! I am 54D, an Owner of Asgard Ascension.

Asgard Ascension 4.0 is arriving! Expect following additions:
  • Daily rewards for joining and playing on Asgard.
  • New prison mines to mine in, different mines for each ranks.
  • Long-awaited Tribes.
  • Custom enchants.
  • ...and many more!
We will also be doing a progress reset. No worries, you'll keep your donator ranks, but your prison ranks and plots will be reset so everyone can race to the top of the leaderboards once again and on a brand new Asgard!

Players from Kastia, welcome to Asgard Ascension! Your ranks are not lost, please fill in the rank transfer form so you can get your shiny new ranks here.

With all that being said, we will be releasing on December 16th (Saturday) at 2PM EST! Do come and join many others for AA4.0.